Minute Masterclass Episode 152

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench, founder of DiscoverDance and creator of the Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators and the DiscoverDance Experience Membership.

Today we’re going to talk about what to teach in our caregiver and tot classes. In order for these classes to take hold and be successful, we must create a developmentally appropriate curriculum that focuses on early childhood physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development, rather than “proper” dance technique that little bodies are not ready for. We do this by focusing on the skills children need in order to develop properly. By keeping the developing child at the forefront of our class objectives, we can ensure that we are meeting their needs, challenging their curiosity, and setting a strong foundation for learning and progressing both in life and in dance. Here are a few skills we work on developing here at DiscoverDance: Focus and Concentration, Coordination, Balance, Strength Development, Spatial and Body Awareness, and Self-Regulation. Through a multi-sensory learning experience that is conceptually based, we honor where the child is and encourage their natural development through music, movement, and play. All of which is developmentally appropriate and backed by brain science. 

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