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"I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been adding the DiscoverDance Program to our studio! Andrea has thought of everything and continues to amaze me with her creativity, heart, passion and drive. "

Jamie Straatsma

Breakout Dance Studio

"We love that the resources continue to evolve and are added to often. Andrea is such a fountain of knowledge."

Jenny Trafford

Cygnets Dance

"The lesson plans, playlists, concept activities, cue cards, copy for guardians and additional resources have [..] made me a stronger and more focused teacher. "

Lora Vodicka

Innovation Arts Connection

"Andrea is so helpful and responsive with her guidance, tips, and language to use in class and with parents. We are excited to have it at our studio."

Anne Gnoth

Littleton Contemporary Dance Center

"There is no other developmentally appropriate program that checks all the boxes for me and gives a strong foundation for our growing and thriving dance community."

Victoria Warren

Above the Barre Dance Academy

"[Andrea] has created this intelligent dance and movement program that continues to evolve for, truly, dancers of all ages and genres."

S. Noel Ware

Centre Ballet

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