The DiscoverDance Experience is accepting new members!


IMPORTANT: Studio Track Members- When you join you will find your teacher codes in your membership dashboard. You can use these codes to create teacher accounts. We recommend you create generic teacher accounts and distribute accordingly to your teachers. For example, instead of creating “MissAndrea” as the username (usernames cannot be changed), create username “Teacher1” to give to Miss Andrea. If you have any questions, please refer to the posts inside the Private DiscoverDance Experience Members Facebook Group BEFORE creating your teacher accounts. Usernames cannot be changed once created. Note: As the owner of the Studio Track Membership you DO NOT need to use a code for yourself. You receive access to everything (plus the business library) that your teachers have access to.  


Level Price  
Teacher (Yearly) $297.00 per Year. Select
Studio Owner (Yearly) $597.00 per Year. Select
Studio Teacher (Must Have Studio Code) Free. Select
Teacher (Monthly) $27.00 per Month. Select
Studio Owner (Monthly) $57.00 per Month. Select

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