Minute Masterclass Episode 33

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Katrena Cohea, CEO of Different Drummer Dance. Self-care is a vital element to running successful classes and establishing a positive environment for your studio. My first tip is for you, the dance teacher or studio owner. Popular culture would like us to believe that self-care is about wine and bubble baths…and it can be those things. But sustainable and effective self-care goes much deeper than that. 

Every teacher I know struggles with self-care because their self-care habits are sporadic. I want you to think of self-care in the term of a non-negotiable. What are 3-5 non-negotiable things you need to have in your life, on a daily basis, in order to be your best self? Do some journaling on this topic to see what you come up with. Maybe in the morning, you need fresh air and a walk…because you know that when you do that, you’re able to show up at the studio fresh and energized. Maybe your non-negotiable is putting your own kids to sleep or a family dinner. So your non-negotiable would be leaving the studio promptly at 7p. 

Once you know these non-negotiables, you can start putting them into practice with small habits and behaviors that will support your health and well-being, and self-care over the long run. 

For more information, please visit DifferentDrummerDance.com…or come find me on Instagram: @DIFFDRUMDANCE.

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