Minute Masterclass Episode 35

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Katrena Cohea, CEO of Different Drummer Dance. A big part of self-care comes down to managing our own expectations and comparisons. I know we’ve all been there- we’re feeling good about ourselves and then we get on Instagram or Facebook and see someone else doing something bigger or better…and suddenly our good mood is gone. Comparison is the thief of joy, as the quote goes. And expecting yourself to be like another teacher, dancer or studio owner is a fast-track way to set yourself up for disappointment. 

When you catch yourself getting frustrated with yourself or someone else, pause and ask yourself: Why do I have this expectation? Is it really mine, or am I getting caught up in comparison? Usually when we pause to ask ourselves these questions, we find that the expectation doesn’t really even belong to us. It could be coming from culture, family or friends…and it’s just downright unrealistic. Knowing this, gives you a new sense of freedom to choose a new thought or habit or expectation, which in the long-run is a way better option for your mental and emotional health. And this is a great self-care tool to use. 

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