Minute Masterclass Episode 36

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Katrena Cohea, CEO of Different Drummer Dance. Today, I’m sharing the #1 thing that has totally transformed my self-care and is also the #1 thing teachers and dancers tell me they love about the body positivity workshops I do. It’s gratitude!

So often in dance, we get caught up in how things should look. Especially as dancers get older and focus more and more on technique, they can often feel like they have to train their bodies into submission rather than work with their bodies to achieve technique. The antidote to this is to get grateful. Make a gratitude list. You could do this on your own in the mornings or evenings. And introduce your dancers to it as well. 

Gratitude will open their eyes to all the amazing things their body does for them. I encourage you to also get specific with gratitude. Why are you grateful for the things you’re grateful for? This creates even more awareness about all the wonderful things in our lives and about our bodies. And this practice is one that will stick with your dancers for years to come. 

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