Minute Masterclass Episode 72

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench, founder of DiscoverDance. Today we continue our series on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Once our basic, safety, love, and belonging needs are largely met, we can climb to the fourth level of the hierarchy which are our Esteem Needs. Here are a few questions to reflect upon to ensure you are meeting these needs in your dance classes: Does each child feel respected by their teacher and classmates? Are they being heard? Are they being accepted for who they truly are? 

Next, are you offering a supported learning environment that reaches and teaches multiple learning styles. We all process information differently and in order to have a successful class that meets the needs of the developing child, we must provide a multi-sensory learning environment. When it comes to providing developmentally appropriate classes, are you offering a curriculum that is both challenging, yet achievable? 

Lastly, are you encouraging your students rather than praising them? When we praise, it is essentially about us. Our approval of the child. Our admiration of the child. However, when we offer encouragement with meaningful feedback, we inspire with courage, spirit, and confidence. Encouragement is about the student and that builds their esteem. For more information, visit DiscoverDance.com.


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