Minute Masterclass Episode 139

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench, founder of DiscoverDance and creator of the Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators and the DiscoverDance Experience Membership. Today, I am sharing an Encanto-themed Braindance. 

Breath: Let’s smell Isabela’s flowers, then blow the petals all around. Repeat several times.

Tactile: Looks like Pepa is having a rough day. Feel the rain fall (tap skin) down the front of your body, all the way to your toes. Make loud thunder noises (slap skin) up the back of your body to your head. Let’s calm Pepa down with some big squeezes.

Core/Distal: Let’s talk about Bruno! Curl into a tight ball and hide. Now, let’s pop out, stretching our arms and legs away from our belly button and creep around like Bruno. Repeat several times.

Head/Tail: Now it’s time to move like Antonio’s jaguar, Parce. Everyone, down on your hands and knees. Let’s arch our back and growl like Parce. Now, let’s curve our back and stretch like a jaguar. Repeat several times.

Upper/Lower:  Time to work out with Luisa! Let’s work our muscles by lifting donkeys. Pump arms individually, then together. Now, hold your donkeys still and run in place.

Body Sides: Listen with Dolores. Do you hear something? Pretend to lean and listen to the right. Side slide right and listen carefully. Repeat Left.

Cross-Lateral: Aw! It’s Casita saying hello to us. Let’s wave back. Cross the midline as you wave high to the windows and doors and low to the drawers and floors. Repeat several times.

Vestibular: Uh oh! Casita is starting to crumble and fall. Spin several times as you lower to the ground until you lay flat. Let’s help Mirabel rebuild Casita. Spin the other way several times as you rise to standing.

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