Minute Masterclass Episode 177

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench, founder of DiscoverDance and creator of the Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators and the DiscoverDance Experience Membership. Let’s perform a jazz obstacle course while exploring the concept of energy. 

For our waiting station, we move along our taped train track as we wait our turn. For our balance station, we perform a smooth flat back then balance a plastic cup on our flat back. For our gross motor station, we perform sharp battements from spot to spot. During the spatial pattern station, we perform sharp grand jetés over cones. During the exploration station, we choose a jazz flash card. If the movement is locomotor, we perform the step around the spot. If the movement is non-locomotor, we perform the step on the spot.  We then tell the dancer behind us if we moved smooth or sharp. If time allows, we will get back on the train track and do it all over again.

For more information, to enroll in the Foundations Course and learn more about codified skill development, or to join the DiscoverDance Experience and access our obstacle course library with over a hundred obstacle courses of multiple styles, stages of development, and themes, visit DiscoverDance.com. 

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