Minute Masterclass Episode 181

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench, founder of DiscoverDance and creator of the Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators and the DiscoverDance Experience Membership. We’re closing out this series with our top tips for obstacle course success. We set up our obstacle courses in a circular pattern. This helps our little ones navigate from one station to the next easily.  I like to stay near the waiting and balance stations to make sure dancers are moving in the line and safe on the balance beam or other balancing props. Dancers are encouraged to go through the course alone to develop their sequencing and memory skills, although you will need to cue and guide them if they get stuck. The longer you repeat the course, the more independent they will become.  

For caregiver and tot classes, we recommend that the course be open for exploration meaning they do not follow a specific pattern. Allow the toddlers to explore freely, however they wish. Encourage the caregivers to demonstrate each of the activities and the concept of the day, but not to force it. As long as they are safe, there is no wrong way to explore and play.

For more information, to enroll in the Foundations Course, or to join the DiscoverDance Experience and access more resources for classroom success, visit DiscoverDance.com. 

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