Minute Masterclass Episode 184

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench, founder of DiscoverDance and creator of the Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators and the DiscoverDance Experience Membership. Today, we’re prepping our studio with the essentials.

The studio essentials kit has anything and everything you may need while class is in session. From a runny nose to a potty accident, we’re going to plan ahead and have all the essentials ready! Here is a list to get you started, however, it’s important to think about your classes and what you have needed in the past that perhaps you didn’t think to have handy. Most of these items can be placed in a bin to keep them contained, and close, but out of sight to not become a distraction to our little ones. I like to include the following in my kit: tissues, hand sanitizer, paper towels, disinfectant spray/wipes, first aid kit with extra bandaids and ice packs, hair ties, bobby pins, floor tape, scissors, and pencils or pens. You may want to also include coloring pages and crayons or even old costume books. If there is an incident where you find that you need to stop class, you can have the dancers color or pick out their favorite costumes while you tend to the situation. This is especially handy if you do not have an assistant to keep the class going. 

For more information, to enroll in the Foundations Course, or to join the DiscoverDance Experience, visit DiscoverDance.com. 

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