Minute Masterclass Episode 223

Welcome to your one-minute masterclass. I’m Andrea Trench. If you enjoy our minute masterclasses, consider continuing your professional development as a student in our Foundations Course for Early Childhood Dance Educators and as a member of our DiscoverDance Experience online community. You can learn more about both of these opportunities at DiscoverDance.com.

Let’s talk about best practices for storing props.

 For easy management, store props in separate bins and bags that are labeled well. Consider where you will store these props in two different scenarios 1) when not using them at all  2) when you need them that day for class. One of our number one rules for classroom management is to eliminate distractions. If your prop collection can be seen by your dancers, that is a distraction.

 Let’s play this out…Imagine needing egg shakers for your next activity but you choose to keep them in your prop cabinet until needed. When it’s time for them, you open your cabinet that holds all of your props. Emily sees ribbon rings so she immediately gets excited and says she wants to do those instead. Ryan sees noodle sticks and he wants those. No one wants shaker eggs when they see all the other options, that are not even options at the moment. Avoid this scenario by already having your props out and nearby, but out of sight. My go-to is in a corner behind my dance bag.

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